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The story behind the pictures

Before we had the pictures now featuring on my website, Felix Röser and I went through an intense photo shoot. A completely new experience for me, but definitely a very enjoyable one. Felix tells you from his perspective.

Hi Felix! What comes to mind, when thinking about the photo shoot with Florian?

It was fun yet quite exhausting, but I think both of us are very happy with the result.

Tell us how this came about.

I was about to apply for photojournalism and looking for people with interesting or extraordinary stories. One of my flatmates knew this guy in Berlin, a goldsmith, and told me to call him. We arranged a date to meet and you could say that it was love on first sight: Flo showed me how to forge a ring, which I could keep afterwards, the photos came out great – I left the place a happy photographer! As he had told me about his plans for a homepage and that he needed good product images for that, I could hardly say no and started planning the photo shoot.

What are the things, you have to think about?

I rented a studio and lighting in Nuremberg, I arranged for models and a make-up artist, and I started developing a concept, how to best photograph his cool rings, like the RFID ring or the moving piece he made. Taking photos of jewellery with models was definitely a nice challenge! The fact, that I had worked with Tanja and Bajo as models and Martina as make-up artist definitely made things easier.


How was the shoot itself?

It took us 9 hours in total, the whole thing went on for quite some time because we had so many different positions and angles. Flo had come down from Berlin the day before to go through our ideas, Tanja had travelled from Thuringia. It was exciting for sure, I really wanted things to go as smoothly as possible!

Were there any problems?

Well, we almost skidded into a post at the entry to the studio on the slick road. Luckily nothing happened and the shoot itself was brilliant! Everyone was quite relaxed and in their element right from the start: While the girls were getting ready, Flo polished his jewellery and I adjusted the lights, where I managed to snap some really nice shots with Flo as a stand-in.

Afterwards, everything went just fine. Right away, Flo positioned Tanja and the jewellery and had his own ideas how a shot should look. He wasn’t afraid to adjust everything (and everyone) himself, which I quite enjoyed in this situation, as it allowed me to fully focus on taking photos.

For a photo shoot like this, are 9 hours the norm?

Yes, with changing costumes and all the make-uping, doing the hair, which takes 15 to 30 minutes each time, it’s quite normal for a shoot to last that long. We had a lot of outfits, too, one of them a turban. After 4 hours we had finished with Tanja and then did another full 5 hours with Bajo. It was exhausting, but I really enjoyed working with this team. Directly after that, Flo and I also selected the images to have his flyers for Paris ready for print on the next day. While I was focused on the pictures, Flo was editing his logo. I’m not sure, if I would the same thing again with other people. Working with Flo was a pleasure though and I think the images on his website show this.

Felix Röser is a freelance photographer from Altdorf (Nuremberg). When he’s not taking pictures of rings, he explores the wilderness and finds the most gorgeous spots. His images were already published in Digital SLR (the UK’s biggest magazin for photography), Geo and travel magazines.


In my blog I write about both, the day-to-day work of a goldsmith as well as the exceptional situations I am sometimes faced with.