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Leica Fingershot Camera Ring

My Homage to Leica

One of the best parts of my work is being able to give life to small ideas and make them become a reality. The Leica ring was one of those ideas.

Finding a Present for a Photographer.

Felix is a professional photographer and has become a good friend of mine. After the photo shoot for the amazing images on the website was over, he invested a lot of time in post-production, made sure I was happy with the result and took additional product photos. I really felt that I owed him something for this.

We had met the same year, when Felix was searching for jobs that were a bit out of the ordinary to cover as a photojournalist. Together, we forged a simple ring, that he could keep afterwards. As he had been quite excited about the ring – why not create another one?

The Right Camera

Felix was very happy with my suggestion, to combine camera and ring. So happy, that he immediately requested a second one, to give to a friend of his for her birthday. This ring had to be good!

Leica, a company from Solms near Frankfurt, invented the first mobile cameras, enabling photographers to explore the whole world. Modern photojournalism became possible only through this development and pioneers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, co-founder of photo agency Magnum, used Leica cameras to take pictures of those places that were only known through stories. If you were a professional, you used a Leica.

I chose the Leica M3, as it still has the characteristic look of the “Ur-Leica” or “original Leica”.

The Devil in the Details

Adjusting the cameras proportions for the ring based only on images required careful attention to detail, the camera itself on the ring only meassures 24mm x 12mm. The challenge in this was to style all the tiny details in a way, that they would still be recognizable on the miniature. For the material I chose sterling silver, a precious material that is still affordable. Additionally, I placed a gem for the camera lens into the ladies’ ring, where the men’s ring has a polished silver surface.

When Felix finally received the ring, it was obvious to him what the first thing to do was. Take a photo.

You can get your own indiviual and handmade copy of this exclusive ring here for 290€ (excl. shipping):

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You can get your own indiviual and handmade copy of this exclusive ring here for 290€ (excl. shipping):

I would like to have this ring